Sustainable Ideford

Ideford Parish Council - Proposals for discussion

Introduction and context

We are all aware of the climate emergency

The COP26 summit last week in Glasgow reminds us of the pressing need for everyone to play their part in mitigating the huge risk this poses to us and future generations.

Central and local government, district and local councils are all now engaged in exploring how they can play a role in reducing carbon emissions, including reliance on fossil fuels, and how to support other initiatives that will lower the risk of further climate change and environmental damage. This paper suggests how Ideford Parish Council might develop a role of its own.

Between October 2020 and January 2021 NALC undertook a survey to discover what local parish and town councils were already doing on climate change and what the barriers were that are stopping them from achieving more. NALC are also urging the Government to give local councils a significant role in producing Local Nature Recovery Strategies for example, in response to a recent DEFRA consultation.

Attached to this document are two recent publications stemming from that work that add further context and background:

· NALC’s What Can Local Councils Do on Climate Change

· The Devon Climate Assembly Report


There are various opportunities available to Ideford Parish Council to engage with these national and regional developments and play an active role in developing new or supporting existing initiatives to mitigate climate change and environmental damage. These are outlined below.

1. The PC draw up a mission statement or climate change ‘pledge’ regarding our intention to actively support Climate Action in our local community

2. The PC draw up a forward plan incorporating specific projects that contribute to broader Climate Action.

a. A forward plan to consider local initiatives that have the support of the local community or meet local need. For example, in the future will we need public charging points for the increase in electric vehicles? How can we further support our Wildlife Warden and actively support the NALC ‘Levelling up via Biodiversity’ initiative? How can we actively support energy efficiency measures, (e.g. insulation, less external lighting) in the local community, in our communal buildings and in residential properties?

3. We survey the local community ourselves to better understand what is most important to them in terms of climate action and our local environment. For example, what are their top three concerns? This in turn can drive new initiatives or projects and lead to individual residents taking the lead on initiatives.

4. We more actively promote these PC supported initiatives in our local publications to demonstrate commitment and to garner further community support.

5. We explore the potential of ‘twinning’ with Sustainable Bishopsteignton to add local scale to their own initiatives and learn lessons from their experience. Where possible – let’s not waste valuable time re-inventing the wheel.

6. Explore other local initiatives that are already in place, to learn lessons and apply ideas where relevant in our own community (e.g., ‘Wild About Teignbridge’)

Next steps

Ideford Parish Council members to consider these proposals and discuss at the next meeting on 11th November 2021, in order to agree actions.