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Review of Statement of Principles


August 2021

GAMBLING ACT 2005 – Review of Statement of Principles

This is Teignbridge District Council’s consultation paper on the review of its ‘statement of principles’ as required under the Gambling Act 2005. The licensing authority welcomes comments from the police, the fire service, licence holders, businesses, local residents and their representatives.

The document sets out a draft statement of principles, which will guide the licensing authority when considering licence applications under the Gambling Act 2005.

The aim of the Act is to protect the public, especially children and vulnerable adults by trying to keep gambling crime free, ensure gambling is fair and open allowing people to enjoy gambling responsibility.

A copy of our draft statement of principles can now be viewed at you can see the changes proposed and provide feedback.

Feedback must be received by Noon on Friday 8 October 2021 at the latest.

Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation



July 2021

One of our top priorities at Teignbridge is keeping our district clean, and we know dog fouling is an issue Teignbridge residents feel strongly about. We are reviewing our power under the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) that will help us continue to enforce dog fouling and control other issues across the district.

The PSPO helps the council deal with the few irresponsible dog owners who don’t clear up after their dog or control it. For the many responsible dog owners who pick up after their dog wherever they go, nothing will change. Inconsiderate dog owners will continue to be targeted through awareness and enforcement. Registered blind people and assistance dog users will be exempt.

The order currently requires:

  • Dog walkers to pick up after their dog and carry a bag or other means of cleaning up after their dog has fouled at all times.
  • Dogs will not be allowed in defined dog exclusion areas (e.g. beaches during April to the end of September, children’s play park excluding assistance dogs).
  • Dogs will be required to be kept on leads next to roads.
  • For authorised officers to have the power to immediately request dogs are placed on a lead.
  • To restrict the number of dogs that can be walked by a single individual, on and off the lead.
  • Dog walkers to control their dogs when in public places

Our aim is to promote responsible dog ownership and care for our local areas, keeping them safe and accessible for all.

Before we review the current PSPO, we want to hear your views. Please take part in this survey atDog PSPO - Teignbridge District Council

The survey will run until the till 3rd September. During that time, we will promote this as much as possible to capture the views and opinions of Teignbridge residents, including dog owners, dog walkers, and local businesses.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing your views.


David Eaton
Environmental Protection Manager

Parish Councillor Vacancy


July 2021

Volunteers Required


April 2021

Ideford's Oak Tree


December 2020



December 2020

Termination of Rural Skip Service



November 2020

Dear Ideford Parish Council

Termination of Rural Skip service

I am writing to you following the decision by the Executive at Teignbridge District Council to terminate the Rural Skip service.

The decision was not an easy one to make but unfortunately due to an increasing need to make considerable savings it has been necessary to terminate the service. As you will be aware due to the pandemic we have already had to cancel all services this year so far as it has not been possible to run the services safely without considerable extra costs.

Should your parish/town wish to explore running your own skip service, I have included current contract costs and disposal costs which I hope will be useful to base your budget on.

The site costs for last year were as follows:

Provision of containers, vehicles and associated staffing through contract for 2020/21

Ideford The Pound Area = £1,802.78

Based on last year’s tonnage data disposal costs in addition would have been

Disposal- 0.46 tonnes @ £128.79/t = £59.24

Total costs: £1,862.02

It should be noted that these costs were part of a larger overall contract and as such would have generated some economies of scale and competition during procurement. There is no guarantee that the service or costs from our existing contractor will be provided/matched for individual sites, similarly for the disposal cost per tonne that is part of Devon County Council’s negotiated price. I would however expect the costs to be broadly similar going forward which may help you budget accordingly.

Should you require any further information that may help you procure your own service should you wish please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Lizzie Turner

Recycling Officer