Termination of Rural Skip Service



Dear Ideford Parish Council

Termination of Rural Skip service

I am writing to you following the decision by the Executive at Teignbridge District Council to terminate the Rural Skip service.

The decision was not an easy one to make but unfortunately due to an increasing need to make considerable savings it has been necessary to terminate the service. As you will be aware due to the pandemic we have already had to cancel all services this year so far as it has not been possible to run the services safely without considerable extra costs.

Should your parish/town wish to explore running your own skip service, I have included current contract costs and disposal costs which I hope will be useful to base your budget on.

The site costs for last year were as follows:

Provision of containers, vehicles and associated staffing through contract for 2020/21

Ideford The Pound Area = £1,802.78

Based on last year’s tonnage data disposal costs in addition would have been

Disposal- 0.46 tonnes @ £128.79/t = £59.24

Total costs: £1,862.02

It should be noted that these costs were part of a larger overall contract and as such would have generated some economies of scale and competition during procurement. There is no guarantee that the service or costs from our existing contractor will be provided/matched for individual sites, similarly for the disposal cost per tonne that is part of Devon County Council’s negotiated price. I would however expect the costs to be broadly similar going forward which may help you budget accordingly.

Should you require any further information that may help you procure your own service should you wish please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Lizzie Turner

Recycling Officer